How to get back to windows 7..

How to get back to windows 7..

Hello,,my name is islam..

                                        I had upgraded my laptop from windows 7 to windows 10,,,,my laptop had become very very slow,,,i want to solve this proplem,,what should i do??


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Windows 7 isn't topical on this forum for laptops which never supported win7.  Slowness under win10 is more likely to be due to malware infections than to differences between win7 and win10.  I'll rant on since the situation is the same whether you revert from win10 to win7 or win8.1.  If you have a pre-release version of win10, you should install a new win10 within the deadline.

If you kept your backup files, the official instructions should enable you to revert.  Officially, you must try the reversion within 30 days in this method.  Both the unofficial instructions

and the official ones

should work.  I would prefer to install from scratch from a win7 iso dvd, rather than use the hardware manufacturer's backup partition, but both of those are possibilities, both involving long sessions with Windows Update to restore patches.

Again, I don't think reversion will cure problems with malware or registry/file system corruption.  You should run at least a reputable registry repair (there are some which are free), as well as the Microsoft malware cleanup (including the offline one if so indicated), before committing to revert.  I don't meant the ones which offer to check your installation but then ask you to pay up before proceeding.

Among excellent commercial tools are malwarebytes and system mechanic.  I run both of them on my 3 windows installations (7, 8.1, and 10).  Fortunately, all of those windows versions are supported fully by both products, so they are good deals even before you decide about reversion.  If you install malwarebytes first, system mechanic will ask you to remove malwarebytes.  If you reject that, it will give you the option of installing the (extremely slow) sm malware/antivirus checker or not.  About every 6 months I have reason to be glad that I chose to keep both active.

I make the choice among windows versions according to the degree of driver support.  Microsoft doesn't tell the truth about this, but you haven't given any evidence that you ran into problems in this area.  My oldest box on which I ran Windows 7 for over 5 years runs very well on win10.    I did revert from win10 insider preview to win10 release, having found the preview unsatisfactory.

Dell, for example, does give guidance on their web sites about which windows version is properly supported for my Dell box.

thank you for your reply tim :) 

We all know that Windows 7 is very user-friendly than windows 10. I am also using windows 7 and when I transfer to windows 10 it creates a problem, but it would be more difficult to back in windows 7, you can follow the step from hp printer won't print they can provide the detail which you can really need to follow for back in windows 7.

In my experience windows 10 is way more efficient and faster than windows 7. Make sure you have not overloaded the Win 10 with unwanted softwares or try re-installing it. I would not recommend you to downgrade back to windows 7 except if you have really old hardware. 

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