Does Developer Zone have any place to support Window 7?

Does Developer Zone have any place to support Window 7?

My clients are not all converted over to Win10, and some of them are not crazy about the idea.   I still need to service these people.  Does this software IDE provide support for Win7?

Greg DC

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Trying to cover a few possible interpretations of your question:

There aren't specific sections of IDZ forum for individual Windows versions.  This forum about Windows 8 is unmoderated and gets no apparent support from Intel.  It's left over from Intel's initial marketing effort on Ultrabook and Windows 8 initial release.  As there are no new hardware platforms for Windows 8, it is coming close to outliving its usefulness.

If you mean support of Intel software development tools under Visual Studio IDE, you need to be specific about Visual Studio versions.   The combinations of Windows and Visual Studio versions which Microsoft still supports generally are supported by the Intel software tools.  An exception is lack of support for 32-bit Windows in the psxe Cluster edition.  Windows 7 x64 with VS2013 or VS2015 is supported fully by current releases of Intel Software tools.  Windows 7 is topical on the forum sections for individual tools (with the exception of the Fortran forum for linux/Mac).

I don't think there is much IDZ support specific to html5, regardless of OS.

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