In need of an Atom processor.

In need of an Atom processor.

I'm currently in the planning phase for a device that runs Windows 10 and uses Intel's Atom Processors. The Bay Trail architecture can be used to power Windows 10, that I know. How do I get ahold of one of these processors?


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Are you talking about Windows 10 IoT Edition?


I just submitted my previous answer without pasting additional text.

So, here it goes.

In case you are talking about Windows 10 IoT Edition, it supports MinnowBoard MAX that is powered by the Intel Atom Processor E3825


The following are the specs for the Intel Atom Processor E3825 I mention in my previous response:


In case you want more power, you can run Windows 10 IoT on Intel Joule boards.


Hi Joshua,

Were you able to select the best Intel Atom processor for your solution?

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