Intel Graphics driver memory growth

Intel Graphics driver memory growth

We are developing our own digital signage software (DirectShow+VideoMixingRenderer+Overlay). Our customers using the Intel integrated Graphics realised, that the system runs out of memory after a couple of months. After analysing the problem with the poolmon tool from Microsoft, we have found that the memory is allocated by the pool tagged as "INTC", which is the pool of the Intel Graphics driver. Our application is restarted every day, but the driver consumes more and more memory - 1,6 Mbytes per day. What can we do about this problem?Platorm:Windows XP SP3Mobile Intel GMA 4500MHD, Inter Core 2 Duo ProcessorDriver Version:

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What version of operation system are you using?

...I know a similar problem with Windows XP, after migrate to Windows 7 Enterprise, the application run really fast...

We also have the same problem running windows xp with multimedia players like Windows Media Player or our digital signage software player, that use the DirectShow interface. eg. with the VLC player, the problem does not persist. If we run the Intel display driver in landscape (normal) mode, the consuming paged pool memory per day is about 110kb. If we run the display driver in portrait (-90 degrees) mode, the consuming paged pool memory per day is about 1.7Mb. This problem also persists with different Intel Graphic Chipsets and is definitely a driver problem.

By now, we can not change to Win7 and need to stay on WinXP.

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