Call to Intel graphics driver/software developers!

Call to Intel graphics driver/software developers!

As a gamer myself and friends that play them, I ask you Intel driver/software/UI developers to listen.

You promise that in few years you'll have Processor Graphics that will solidly rival entry, or even mid-range discrete graphics. With every generation since the first HD Graphics marketing comes to us and says wonders about the iGPU that's coming.

What's the point?

Listen to me, all the performance in the world doesn't matter if driver and software doesn't follow through. For god's sakes, Intel graphics do not even offer the opportunity to turn off essential features such as VSync. As I'm trying to fix friend's 915GM(Late 2005 - 7+ years old) laptop, I'm amazed to see that it has better options on the UI compared to my 2600K, 1 year old 2011, Sandy Bridge graphics!

Why did you guys took out the little features on the older drivers? Why bother increasing 3D performance, adding Execution Units, Texture units, and DX11 support if games are going to ignore them anyway? Please, if you guys are not bothering to offer more features on graphics driver UI, I suggest you guys should forget about 3D all together and go for media.

At least offer the option to enable/disable features that's in hardware and advertised. Like

-Anti-Aliasing: There's no option to force on/off on the UI. Offer them and give various levels.
-VSync: Graphics cards had the option to turn them off since the stone age. Intel only offers Application/On. Why not off? Is it so difficult to provide a simple "Off" option?

Gamers are very finicky and picky group. Do not underestimate them. Don't be surprised if reaction to your latest graphics is lukewarm even if it performs well, if it doesn't have proper software support. That will be more true as time goes on and performance goes up further. When they buy Intel graphics, they would have been used to the best of the best, aka AMD(former ATI) and Nvidia.

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