Video Card Problems?

Video Card Problems?

I really don't know if this thread is in the right forum but, ehhhhh ^__^;


I recently got my new Toshiba laptop this past June and it came with Intel HD Graphics. I have Minecraft but whenever I go to play it it always tells me it was unable to run due to 'bad video card drivers'. Since JUNE I've been trying really hard to fix this, I've tried this link:
But it said that it was unable to updae... so will I have to buy a new video card driver just to play Minecraft?

Also my friend's getting her new laptop and Minecraft in 3 days for Christmas so that's why I'm in such a rush to get it working! :D

Thank you! :3

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First of all, are you running from and Admin account? If not, try loging in from and Admin account and use the same URL to see if it will update. Also, you didn't say what error message was displayed -- this might help describe what to do to resolve the issue.

Also, if you cannot use the auto-detect / auto-install process, manually search for the correct driver and install. To do this, use this URL, then look for the "latest" driver for your operating system, which is probably the 2559 driver.

If installing this driver still doesn't help, then I would recommend that you check the bulletin boards for either the Minecraft game and/or Toshiba.

Hopefully this helps!



Also, one thing you can also do is look for the "troubleshooting" link on the auto-detect page, as this provides some additional assistance on what you can do to fix the issue.

Good luck!


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