Problem driver GMA 500 Flash Player 10.3

Problem driver GMA 500 Flash Player 10.3


I haveanAsusEEEPC1201HA,whichcarries aIntelGMA500 (Windows 7),videocardaccording toyour specifications, you can movewithout any problemthe videosin high definition,at leastusingWindowsMediaPlayerI have nothad a problemit (with the latest driversprovided byIntelin itsofficial website)

The problemhappens when youwant to watchvideos usingflashplayer,on sites likeHuluor YouTube, buttobeminimizedvideosthere is no problem(even torun withoutany problems1080PHD video) problemsimmediately arisewhenputa video inFullScreenmode, drastically loweringthespeed to about10-12FPSvery low

This happenswith anyvideoat any resolution,either240Por360Por480P, all of them, the videosbeing infull screen,do not exceed12 FPS.

I had alreadycommunicated with theAdobedevelopment team, and theytold me thatthe problem istheInteldrivers, not theirs, soitwould like to reportthis problem,and hopefullya solution is foundin the nextdeliveryDrivers.


I forgot,does not workGPUaccelerationviabrowserssuch as Firefox orInternetExplorer 9,watch video:

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