"NVidia OptiX" like SDK ... based on OpenCL

"NVidia OptiX" like SDK ... based on OpenCL

Hi,My company is working on a product similar to NVidia OptiX but based on OpenCL and in this context we are also working on the following pure OpenCL project :http://code.google.com/p/clpp

Today, our application is in beta and works on any kind of hardware with correct performance, but as you know better the performances are, better it is.Also, we are a small company and we are not able to buy every kind of hardware to test our application... like the Intel Sandy Bridge by example !!!So, it is why I would like to ask to the Intel Managers if Intel can sponsor us in any of the different and possible ways.RegardsKrys

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Pretty interested in your work..
Where I can dowload a trial of your app?

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