Intel HD Graphics hardware

Intel HD Graphics hardware


Sory if I am writing in the wrong sub-forum, but we want to buy desktops with Sandy Bridge and Intel HD Graphics support, and faced the following issues:
1) I must have read somewhere that Intel HD Graphics on desktops works only when monitor is connected through intefrated GPU. So if we have Sandy Bridge processor and descrete video card is used, then Intel HD Graphics won't work. Is that so?
2) There is a lot of information that Intel H68 chipset has SATA II bugs and the new chipsets will be released on March. So do we need to wait till then because there is no bug-free chipsets for Sandy Bridge yet?

Also I am interested if there is any recommendational Sandy Brisge -based desktop speciffication, approved by Intel so we can use it instead of gather up hardware ourselves?

Thanks a lot!

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