Continuous HDMI feed (EDID saving)

Continuous HDMI feed (EDID saving)

I just got the new Sandy Bridge, Intel Core i5-2500 3.3GHz 6MB S-1155 with integrated grafics. I am using that on a Gigabyte GA-H67MA-D2H S-1155.

I have plugged the HDMI output into my receiver and then to TV. HDMI all the way.

Problem is when I turn off my receiver and turn it on again, the computer disables the output of the HDMI and will not enable it again until I restarts the computer or unplug the HDMI cable and plugs it in again.
My PS3 does not have the same issue - it just works.

I have investigated the issue and it seems it is because the computer forgets the EDID of the receiver and does not detect it again on receiver turn on.

I have gone through the setting options of the intel drivers but was not able to locate anywhere where I could "save EDID" thus making it indifferent to the fact that the receiver is turn on or off.

Am I looking in the right place at all here?

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