Contrast issues, grey crash screen with the Intel gma4500mhd

Contrast issues, grey crash screen with the Intel gma4500mhd

Hopefully this is the right place to post this, if need please move it as needed. I have an Intel gma4500mhd graphics controller. For a long time now, the computer has done this wierd thing where when the computer loads, the display comes in and the colors are all a bit off - mostly having to do with contrast. All the icons are a little too bright, and on some websites, greys are not shown. I was always able to fix this by going into the graphics control panel, changing a setting, applying it, and then changing it back (it was like it reset the colors) and everything would go back to the right colors. I recently upgraded to windows 7 - and this one issue I had both before and after the upgrade. Now that I've upgraded, I'm having a secondary issue where whenever I'm away from my computer for a period of time and it goes into sleep or hibernation mode, I come back to use the computer and upon waking up, I get a grey crash screen. I know the functionality of the computer is still working as I hear the dings and beeps like when an email comes in, but the screen is completely grey and I have to do a forced restart.

I have the current drive set for Windows 7, 64 bit installed -

The problem has been getting worse and I'm having to restart my computer multiple times a day so I'm trying to figure out what could be wrong. Any ideas??

Thank you!

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