Updating Intel 4500MHD driver

Updating Intel 4500MHD driver


I seem to have a bit of a problem updating the driver for my Intel 4500MHD graphics card. When I use the automatic detection option, it states that the site cannot automatically update my driver because it is custom-built. But I cannot find any place to download it either from the manufacturer's (Toshiba) website. When I go to device manager and right click "update", windows reports that my graphics card is up to date, but according to dxdiag the driver version is dated to August 2009, more than 1 year ago.

Also, when I manually search the Intel website for a driver update, the only versions that are available seem to be for i3/i5/i7 processors, whereas I have a dual-core T4400 processor.

Can anyone help? I find it very hard to believe that there are no driver updates at all for Intel 4500MHD on dual-core processors ever since August 2009, especially since I've found people online who claim they have updated their Intel 4500MHD driver to the April 2010 version on their dual-core computers.

My computer specs:

Toshiba Satellite L510
Pentium Dual-Core T4400 2.20 GHz
320GB Harddisk
Intel 4500MHD Graphics Card (driver version 26/08/2009)

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