Compaq Visual Fortran 6

Compaq Visual Fortran 6

I am new to visual programming in Fortran and my questions are very basic. I bought Compaq Visual Fortran some years ago and did very basic QuickWin applications, but would like to start using the visual capabilities of the software. I bought the book of Norman Laurence on CVF and although it is a very good book, explaining a lot of the funtionalities of the software, I still donot understand how to get a simple program like e.g. temperature conversions to read inputs from ascreen and display the answer in a screen and to make use of menus, drop down lists, etc.

If someone could just help me with some very basic examples I would be very grateful.

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The Lawrence book has it all. Since you have mastered QuikWin you can skip the first five chapters. Start with Chapter 6 "Creating WIN32 API Aplications." Section 7.3 "Currency Exchange Example" is very similar to the example you mentioned. Create a WIN32 project framework and read the code generated. That will shed light on all of your questions about Windows messaging and the API. Also, CVF comes with a ton of sample code; for any imaginable applications.

I hope you have CVF 6.6C. All younger releases have serious bugs. I have been using 6.6C for years and have encountered no problems. I swithced fron MSC++ to Fortran seversl years ago and Have not regetted it. NO MORE MFC!


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