Screen Flickering

Screen Flickering

I have a Samsung NC10 netbook, with the Intel 945 Express Chipset, using Windows XP Home. The other day when I attempted to boot up my computer, I noticed that the screen was flickering really bad, to the point where it was unuseable. I booted the computer into VGA mode and everything was fine until I tried to up the resolution to anything higher than 800x600.

I uninstalled the driver (v. and was able to boot normally with the default windows display adapter. When I attempted to reinstall the intel chipset driver, I got the same problem as before. I'm pretty sure I didn't download anything before I had that problem unless there was an automatic windows update that is causing conflict with the video drivers. Just to be sure, I did a system restore to about a week before I noticed that problem and still had the same issue.

I've searched all over to see if anyone has a similar issue, and this is the closest video that shows the symptoms of my computer: . However, moving the screen or adjusting the backlight doesn't make the picture any clearer.

I haven't had any problems with it before now. I'm just wondering if there might be something conflicting with the video driver, or if it might be a hardware issue (I hope not). Any help would be much appreciated. I don't want to have to keep my resolution at 800x600 forever.

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