Intel graphics media accelerator HD on 27' LCD Monitor

Intel graphics media accelerator HD on 27' LCD Monitor

Dear all,

I've got a problem with using my laptop Lenovo X201 to a Samsung 27" 275T LCD Monitor.

My laptop's display chipset is Intel graphics media accelerator HD (driver version:, and I'musing Windows 7.When I use extend mode to that LCD Monitor with 1920x1200, display are lengthening. The left hand side (the "Start" button) is out of screen. It is not shifted the whole screen to left hand side, just lengthening. I'm using 15-Pin VGA cable to video.

I've tried to install the LCD Monitor driver and reinstall display drivers but still can't fix.

I've also tried another Lenovo T410 using Intel graphics media accelerator HD has the same symptom.

That Monitor support max. 1920x1200, I've tried to use 1920x1080 it can display normally. (sure it has little blur with this resolution)

I found that it works with Lenovo X61 which is using Mobile Intel 965express Chipset.

I have already ask Samsung and they just replied me may be not compatiblebetween the 275T LCD Monitor and Intel graphics media accelerator HD.

So, may I know that problem can be fix or not?


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