problems on Windows7 with "Ran Online"

problems on Windows7 with "Ran Online"

The original post from the user is being moved here from another forum, as this question/problem is more appropriate for the "user community for visual computing" forum.

The user claims that running Ran Online on XP w/ SP3 is good, but graphics issues occur running the same game on Windows 7. See the rest of this thread for more info.



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Im Asking this ~If I install Windows 7, can I play DirectX 9.0c Games Smoothly?~

Because when im using Windows XP SP3 . Ran Online is smooth + No Graphics Failure
But When i use windows 7. Ran Online is kinda Laggy + Graphics Failure.

Here Sir Neal,

Please look at the difference.

Windows 7 -

Windows XP -

I have the latest Video Card Driver.
i also installed DirectX 9.0c Feb 2010.

Hi there,

By looking at those pics, u shared, itlooks like to bea game issue. Is this game compatible with Win7 since its DX based game?

Hi sir,

i tried it on a computer shop.. (rent to play)

it worked fine..

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