intel x3100 driver

intel x3100 driver


I managed to install hd drivers on the x3100 (i dont really know much about computers so i really dont know how i did it).I had to Do some things in the Igdhl file before installing it. However there are some graphical issues. It doesn't run the 32 bit colour depth properly. The screen keeps flashing and changing colour. It however runs the 16 bit colour depth properly. Can some one help? Is there a solution to the problem?

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I hope it does improve game performance quite a bit. I would try it myself, but I am afraid of messing something up since these are pre-beta drivers and not the final version.
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Hi aniboy!
Please tell me what is the link of driver i need this

Ill try and post a link of the igdlh file... download the hd drivers, remove the oldigdlh and put in the new one.

did it work for anyone?

it doesn't work for me . the driver is not compatible with x3100 . the only way to fix this is to re-mod the igdkmd32.sys . but , i can't find any software to edit a sys file

we can just hope that intel will make a new better driver for our GM965 . but i think , it's just a dream :(:(

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