Displaying 1920x1080 on Mobile Intel 945 Express (GMA 950)

Displaying 1920x1080 on Mobile Intel 945 Express (GMA 950)

Hello All,

I am trying to use 1920x1080 on a HD monitor. My laptop is Toshiba Satellite M400. It has a Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family and it says "Intel GMA 950" as the chip set on the property panel.

Initially 1920x1080 resolution was not even there. So I followed the instruction at:


After that, I get the resolution on the property dialog but as a I select and apply, my monitor says "Out of Range, 25Hz". I looked at the settings and found that whenever I select 1920x1080, the monitor refresh rate automatically gets 25Hertz (with no other option)

Any help?


P.S. I am able to use other machines and get 1920x1080 resolution.

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Hi! I have the same issue with philips lcd philips 42pfl5405h/12. My problem is the tv input by vga, only accept a 60Hz. The laptop (too m400) have limitation to 24,25 and 30Hz.


For intel spec say : 2048x1536 at 75 Hz maximum resolution. I think we do not need change the resolution in the "personal drive" we need change  refresh rate.


I will try to do something like this:



But, I need know what is the refresh parameter...


Thanks for your post, you are not alone ;o)


why you not trying with 50Hz

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