I3 + H55 Chipset, Intel GMA HD, screen flick on 1920x1200, really annoying problem

I3 + H55 Chipset, Intel GMA HD, screen flick on 1920x1200, really annoying problem

hopefully someone can think about new driver to sort this issue.

monitor is Dell 2407, highest resolution is 1920x1200, which is working fine with my laptop on the highest resolution. recently i DIY an ITX desktop with sotec ITX H55 Wifi + Intel I3 to build a tiny system. the screen flicks several times per minutes on 1920x1200 resolution, so i tried different vga cable, even DVI cable, newest driver, nothing changed. and i am 100% sure my monitor is fine. now i have to lower the resolution on 1680x1050, but it still flicks several times a day(which is much better than 1920).

i assume the problem is from the driver of Intel GMA HD, and i think i am not the only one, another guy got similar issue.

so please some one can help us.

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Let this thread be the one to gather problems people are having with Intel GMA HD graphics. Here are mine.

Here are the system specs.

System specifications:

Intel Core i5 661

Intel DH55HC BIOS version 031

2x2GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600 C9 @ DDR3-1333 9-9-9-24

Graphics Media Accelerator HD

Intel X25-M(OS+Game Drive) G1 80GB 8820 firmware(60.8GB filled)

Seagate 7200RPM 160GB(Storage Drive, 132GB filled)

Windows 7 64-bit

1. With certain DVD's it has image corruption issues under Windows Media Player. The latest version tested is version 12. It shows a flickering line on top part of the screen, and it does not matter if its in windowed or fullscreen mode.

2. Certain games exhibit periodic "Stuttering", a brief occurance where the whole game would freeze for 1-2 seconds or so. The two observed games that showed the problem was Supreme Commander(demo) and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne(Version It occurs every 5-10 minutes. Another app that shows similar issues is in 3DMark06: Firefly Forest test, where the frame would fluctuate from 1-14 periodically and constantly. Also happens in 3DMark05 with the same Firefly Forest benchmark.

3. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has excruiciatingly long load time when joining multiplayer games. From the time where it starts to load and is ready to play(class selection screen), it takes 2:50(mins:seconds). The settings tested were 1024x768 with settings all Low. Such long load times are a disadvantage as other players that load faster can play while those with slow load times can't.

All 3 issues occured with driver versions 2057, 2082, 2086, and finally 2102. I haven't tested earlier versions but I can't help think that it would appear with every other earlier versions of drivers as well.

Other issues that were known by others(not confirmed by me):

-Proper 24p playback. According to those that are in the know, none of the driver versions do proper playback of 24p. 2086 apparently has an option to select "23Hz" which is supposed to be the fix for "real 24p", but it doesn't work. In order to do proper playback it needs to able to display 23.976Hz as well.

The 2102 and 2104 drivers fix stuttering issue in games.

Hi @davidc1I have the same problem man.Some basic information about my notebook:Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bitsProcessor : Intel Core i3 M330RAM: 4GB DDR3Video: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD -GMA HDWhen i try to play DotA on Warcraft Frozen Throne , the game freezes for 3-4 seconds every 10minutes...Always happens that. I think that can be the multicore processor or the GMA HD. I updated my drivers and disable many features on GMA HD but still the same problem. There is a interesting link that i found searching on Google : Dual Core Gaming Fix Guide http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=983781 . Try Fix #4 - Set the Affinity Manually. For me not solve at all, but got a little better. For newer games such asHeroes of Newerth ( HoN )it not happensIf u find something for our problem, please, stay in touch and send me an email or reply this topic.

The video related bugs still exist.

1. No proper support of 23.976Hz, just displays as 24Hz.
2. IQ issuein some DVD titles.

(As of 15.17.7 2142)

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