Possible performance flaw in 3DMark2006 using Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD

Possible performance flaw in 3DMark2006 using Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD

From benchmarking the Intel GMA HD, I have noticed a performance related "bug/flaw" which might affect it in real games.

System specifications:

Intel Core i5 661

Intel DH55HC BIOS version 028

2x2GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600 C9 @ DDR3-1333 9-9-9-24

Graphics Media Accelerator HD

Intel X25-M(OS+Game Drive) G1 80GB 8820 firmware

Seagate 7200RPM 160GB(Storage Drive)

Windows 7 64-bit

Using the 3DMark2006 Professional Edition 1.1.0, on the SM 2.0 Graphics Test titled "Firefly Forest", you can watch the frames fluctuate rather greatly over the course of the benchmark. It goes from low as 1 fps to high as 9-10 fps, and it just goes like that. 1,3,9, 2,4,8, just like a counter in a different increment.

I have tested the CD drivers(, and finally, the latest drivers, They ALL exhibit the problem.

There is a possibility this "bug" might exist in other code and games as well, although this is the only app I noticed with significant performance fluctuations. It would be very good for Intel to look into this.

This does not seem to occur with "Software Vertex Processing" enabled in the Graphics Control Panel.

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Hi @davidc1I have a similar problem man.Some basic information about my notebook:Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bitsProcessor : Intel Core i3 M330RAM: 4GB DDR3Video: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD -GMA HDWhen i try to play DotA on Warcraft Frozen Throne , the game freezes for 3-4 seconds every 10minutes...Always happens that. I think that can be the multicore processor or the GMA HD. I updated my drivers and disable many features on GMA HD but still the same problem. There is a interesting link that i found searching on Google : Dual Core Gaming Fix Guide http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=983781 . Try Fix #4 - Set the Affinity Manually. For me not solve at all, but got a little better.For newer games it not happens.If u find something for our problem, please, stay in touch and send me an email or reply this topic.

Thanks for replying evcl. By the way, the graphics driver version 2104(15.7.3) fixes the freeze problem on games. Driver changelog mentions Warcraft III on it, but on my testing, even Supreme Commander(albeit the Demo, it should be similar with full version) is fixed. So try the new drivers out.

Download link:

Changelog: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/18902/eng/relnotes_gfx.htm

Issues Resolved


Warcraft or World of Warcraft* games stutter.

KMD Render

Windows* 7

Intel HD Graphics (mobile)

I have a similar problem with evcl, my latop is VAIO VPCEB12FX, i try to install your driver but it say "the driver being installed is not validated for this computer. ..." . Every 2 or 5 minutes the laptop frenzy my warcraft 3 about 5s , i very angry, i can't play Dota with this laptop :(( .

Hello, try the .inf file install instead:


First, create a folder on the desktop and extract the zip files into the folder.
Second, create a restore point using Windows Restore as this method of installation is unverified and may mess up your system.

Go to the "Read Me" file and look for "Microsoft Windows* Vista / Windows* 7 Manual Installation Instructions" Installation Instructions" method.

Follow the instructions, and it should install.

There's no really other way unless Sony releases their own updated version.

(On unrelated note, I think evcl might be a spam bot. His accont seems to have been set to not receive private messages and do not respond back at forums)

Thank you very much, finally i can play Dota. I have very tired after tried to many way to fix problem. One more thank you devidc1

Hi there i have got the same problem where my computer freezes when playing wc3 for 3-5 seconds which happens quite often. I try and set up the driver the way you explain and as it says in the text manual.However when i try and install the driver (when i selected the folder where the unzipped files are) it says that my drivers are up to date and it wouldn't install. My driver version is (Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD) is8.15.10.1986 and is dated to30/10/2009.I don't know what to do. Can you help please?

I actually have no idea then. I have not guaranteed that it might work. The only way is maybe do a IM chat and see what I can do to help.

My system tell me that the intelkmd device is missing or not installed.....What do I do about this? And how do I get it installed and working again?

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