"Help Required" To Enable Maya 2008 to Work on Acer Aspire 5738 Notebook Laptop

"Help Required" To Enable Maya 2008 to Work on Acer Aspire 5738 Notebook Laptop

Hi .... I have recently purchased Acer Aspire 5738 Notebook Laptop with Intel@core TM 2 Duo Processor T6400 (2.0 GHZ, 800 MHZ FSB),-- Intel @ GMA 4500 MHD,....15.6" HD LED LCD, ----3GB DDR3 Memory, --- 320 GB HDD ---- I have purchased it for my animation course but unfortunately i see that when i load maya 2008 with my VGA drivers it give some fatal error... removing the Intel VGA drivers it works but without proper VGA you can guess how it works, at times it even hangs too... The Drivers CD given by my laptop consists of Intel & Nvidea VGA Drivers, loading the Intel VGA drivers i face this problem... When i try for the other i.e Nvidea it says your system hardware does not support this drivers....Pls help me out with this problem & let me know the proper VGA drivers which support my config & software...Pls Note that I am UsingVista64 Ultimate as my OS... I heard that Intel GMA Drivers Version V15.10.1473 supports's this to work properly but unfortunately i am unable to find the specified drivers ,,...Pls let me know from where can i get this downloaded....

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A couple of things for you...

1) Here's the Intel graphics driver update page, which you should be able to use to find the correct drivers automatically for your configuration. If this doesn't work automatically, then there's some info on the page for manually downloading them from that page.

2) You've posted this question in the wrong forum (the original forum is for users of the Intel GPA product); I've moved this to the proper forum where others may be able to help you if the above tip on finding the driver does not help.



ps-> I'm not familiar with your particular system, but if it comes with a dual-graphics option then downloading the Intel drivers may disable you being able to use the discrete graphics card on your system

I've just checked, and you currently have two choices for Vista64 for the graphics chipset that you have specified (here's the URL for the drivers for your configuration):

  • ( -- the latest driver
  • ( -- the previous released version of the driver

So I would recommend the following approach:

  1. try the drivers listed above to see if either of them helps resolve your issue
  2. if neither works, please verify that the driver that your internet search indicated would fix your problem is applicable to both your specific graphics chipset and your version of Microsoft Windows (which I believe is Vista/64-bit)
  3. contact the Maya support team to see if they have any recommendations for you (possibly there is a workaround they can suggest, as I would expect that you are not the only user encountering this issue)

Hopefully this helps!



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