DirectShow: problem in previewing using RenderStream()

DirectShow: problem in previewing using RenderStream()

I have a notebook PC with multicamera support. I have written an application using DirectShow to preview the output in a window using any of the camera. But now i want to view both the camera output. So when i try doing it using two instances of the same application. I could connect one to 1st cam and second to 2nd cam. But now when i try connecting the same cam in both the instances. The second execution gives error. RenderStream() function fails with E_INVALIDARG What may be the possible reason? Can i render the same camera output to different windiws? Is there any way that i can view the same camera output on separate window.

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I've moved this thread to a different forum, User Community for Visual Computing (the original forum you posted this to, GPA Support Forum, is for users of the Graphics Performance Analyzers toolset).

Hope you find a quick response to your question!



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