HDMI no audio

HDMI no audio

I have a HP DV6 1350us laptop. The laptop has an intel GMA 4500MHD. I am trying to connect it to my hdtv via a hdmi cable. I get a great picture but no audio.

When I go to playback options in control manager I have 2 options: SPDIF or the computer speakers. I have tried changing the default to SPDIF, but I still did not get any audio.

If you have any ideas how I might be able to get this solved, I would greatly appreciate your help.

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Sorry for all the extra posts. It was not intentional.

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Sorry for all the extra posts. It was not intentional.


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Regarding your initial issue, you may be best served by contacting the PC manufacturer for support. The forums are used largely for issues relating to programming and design, rather than support with the products. You could also consider visiting http://communities.intel.com/community/tech/graphics.


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If your HDTV is getting perfectly detected in your HP DV6 1350us laptop. You will get an audio for HDMI sources in the plyback devices in the sound settings. If you just select that option as sound output you can get sound from your HDTV.

Have you checked your TV settings? Maybe it doesn't transmit the sound via HDMI, also like someone else sugested try and play with the settings of your playback devices from windows (assuming you have windows).jocurile jocurijocurid

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