Celeron T3000 and GMA4500MHD

Celeron T3000 and GMA4500MHD


I'm considering buying a laptop with a Celeron T3000 dual core processor and GMA4500MHD graphics. Will these specs be enough to play 720p video perfecly smoothly? what about 1080p?

Also, the laptop has an HDMI out, does the GMA4500MHD support HDMI audio so that I can plug it into my HDTV and get picture and audio using the same cable?


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hi there,

am also using the GMA4500MHD, the HDMI port on my laptop (ACER 4925) worked perfectly when connected to my HDTV, audio also working, so if you want to plug the HDMI cable you will get both video and audio working on the HDTV

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