Help with openGL in XP...PLEASE?

Help with openGL in XP...PLEASE?

I'm currently using an intel 82810 graphics controller, on an HP Pavilion XE783 PC running Windows XP.

I recently upgraded to XP from ME. Afterward, I noticed that certain features of Celestia were no longer working. I checked my openGL info, and sure enough, it had reverted back to generic (1.1) rendering, and all of my openGL render paths were closed. It seems as though I'm now using a software driver rather than my old hardware driver, but I've spent the last 3 days looking for drivers, un-installing drivers, re-starting, re-installing drivers OVER AND OVER. Nothing works.

I now have these files:


Is one of them the hardware driver, and the other the software driver? I've tried installing both in both places (control panel>system, and control panel>add/remove programs), but I still show openGL version 1.1 (generic rendering).

And then there's THIS thing:

That was released for my computer, an HP Pavilion XE783. All it did was replace a few files on my computer, and end by saying "You do not need this update." Then it closed. :|

I am SO confused and frustrated.

Can anybody help me?

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