pixel shader and intel 946GZ chipset family

pixel shader and intel 946GZ chipset family


A long time ago, I bought a game. So when I tried to install it, I got an error that I havn't a 2.0 or higher pixel shader. So could't do anything. But now, I wanna know what I can do to play the game, without buying an other video card.
I have an intel 946GZ chipset family (like you can read in the title) and I hope there's some upgrade. Can you help me?

sincerely yours,

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Hello Jasmine,

I'm moving this post to a different forum, the User Community for Visual Computing, as the original forum you posted this to is for users of the Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers software tool suite. The new forum is wateched by people who are more likely to be able to provide assistance to you.

Even though I don't have specific knowledge about solving your particular issue (as I'm not part of the driver team at Intel), I would recommend:

  • download the latest graphics drivers from downloadcenter.intel.com (see the section on this page titled "automatically identify and download drivers")
  • search the forum to see if there are others who have a similar question/issue as yours

Or it is possible that someone will see your question and have an answer for you without you having to do anything!

btw, it would help if we knew the name of the game as well, as there might we workarounds or upgrades to the game that someone might know about.
Hopefully this helps!



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