cannot update graphics driver for Mobile 965 Express Chipset

cannot update graphics driver for Mobile 965 Express Chipset

hello everyone,
i want to update my graphic driver but the update available on is not supported in my system. i don't know y. so plz help me if anyone knows any location from where i can update my graphic driver. my system is dell inspiron 1525, 2.00 G\Hrtz processor, 3 GB RAM, intel mobile 965 express chipset family. i am using windows vista. i repeat once again the driver update at is by the name winvista_15122.exe or winvista _15124.exe which is not supported in my system. plz help

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I'm reposting this thread to a more appropriate forum, the User Community for Visual Computing, as this forum usually has people watching who may be able to help you (your original post was to the forum for the Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers, which is a software tool).

However, note that there are some "sticky" announcements in this forum that might help, and/or search the forum for people with similar systems to see if someone has the same issue as you.

Also, I'm not sure if you've already tried this, but the first thing I would recommend is to browse to At the bottom of this page is a section called "Automatically identify and find drivers". In this section is a button labelled "run now", which when you select it will automatically scan your system and download the latest driver for your particular system. If this doesn't work, then manually search for your graphics device (not necessarily the driver name you listed) and see what options exist, as it's possible that the driver you mentioned is not appropriate for your particular system.

So try one or both of these suggestions I listed above, and reply to let us know whether this helped or not.



ps-> I also changed the title of the thread to state the problem you are trying to solve (as the forum has lots of posts, and the generic title you listed may not get people's attention).

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