GMA X4500MHD Issues

GMA X4500MHD Issues


I'm just writing to say that there seems to be so many issues in terms of software compatibility and driver support for the more recent GMA chip for desktops and laptops.

Now admittedly I was aprehensive of buying a computer with any forms of Intel Integrated Graphics, but knowing this chipset had "pretty good" specs and was efficient, I didn't have too many reservations about going for a laptop with this tech.

Firstly, the graphics drivers are always seemingly malfunctioning or stop responding, which is of course really annoying. Secondly, 3d packages, engines and software that aren't particularly intensive at all fail to run properly if at all simply because of the poor drivers.

Another thing, why doesn't a modern chip such as this appear to support any form of either full-screen or multi-sample AA whatsoever?

To be honest I'm really disappointed by the driver support and issues I've encountered at no fault of my own, but the software backing this very popular integrated solutions. I would love to see far more frequent driver releases for both mobile and desktop chips and closer work with developers for software, games and so on for compatibility. Something nVIDIA and ATI get so right, even for their lowest end solutions. This may sound like a rant, but from my perspective and the things I expect of Intel, nothing unreasonable... I would't expect to have been contacting and posting about this sort of issue.

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