Local Flat Panels...life without EDID

Local Flat Panels...life without EDID

I am developing a custom product that internally connects my LCD panel (WSXGA - 1680x1050) to my SBC. This connection is made with an on-board LVDS port directly to the LCD panel input port.

I amusing a Q35 Chipset with the GMA3100, which I know has issues with the WSXGA resolution (same issue with the Q45 with x4500 graphics). I have installed the latestQ35 Chipset drivers from Intel, allowing me to display the proper resolution, however this solution is ONLY for plug & play monitors thatsend EDID...not for built-in displays or "local" flat panels.

I am seeing some odd flickering on my screen under certain conditions (mostly specific solid colors that the display is struggling to resolve) and the "tearing" of some vertical edges is bad. I would like to know if this has been addressed by anyone and if I am crazy to believe that a custom driver for this application is possible to develop?

Any input would be helpful and if there is someone out there that has the requisite experience to successfully build this driver orpoint me in the right direction to do it myself, then I would be open to working with that individual...


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