Increasing graphics power on Mobile 45 chipset/ GMA 4500MHD?

Increasing graphics power on Mobile 45 chipset/ GMA 4500MHD?

I have a few small questions about my laptop's video processing power... for one thing, I can't find a lot to support it, but acording to Wikipedia the GM45 series chipsets support OpenGL 2.1, although my specs show it using 2.0. Is this a case of misinformation, or is 2.1 just not implemented with current drivers?

Next, on the Intel overview of the Mobile GM45 chipset, it mentions this:

"The Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset features hardware based decoding for Blu-ray content, dual-channel DDR3 and DDR2 memory support, 1066 MHz system bus, PCI Express* x16 graphics port and PCI Express x1 I/O ports, Serial ATA, and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity."

Does this mean I can use a PCI Express graphics card in my laptop? That seems higly unlikely... even if so, would that work with integrated GMA 45000MHD? I'm sure there's a bit of a flaw with my logic somewhere here.

Lastly, and this is a bit off-topic, with the GM45 chipset, a Core 2 Duo processor, and 3GB of RAM, I shouldn't have any problems with Blu-Ray, should I choose in the future to upgrade my laptop's DVD drive, correct?

Thanks for the help, sorry if I sound like a complete idiot.

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