Direct3D 9 MaxVolumeExtent and GMA X3100 GM965

Direct3D 9 MaxVolumeExtent and GMA X3100 GM965

The DirectX SDK docs say:

Maximum value for any of the three dimensions (width, height, and depth) of a volume texture.

Does this mean that width, height, depth <= MaxVolumeExtent?

Or, does it mean at least one out of width, height, depth <= MaxVolumeExtent?

The reason I ask is because this site:

says the GM965 has Max 3d texture 8092 x 8092 x 256, but at the bottom,
the same page shows MaxVolumeExtent = 256 from the device caps viewer.

I need to support volume textures: 512x256x256

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The width, height, and depth must all be less than or equal to the MaxVolumeExtent. That would mean that the largest volume texture on 965 is 256x256x256.

The texture sampler internally can support up to 8092x8092x256, but realistically we're limited by the 256 part as I understand it.


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