Graphical glitches with custom driver on 855GME

Graphical glitches with custom driver on 855GME


my computer uses the onboard graphics chip 855GME. I bought a new widescreen TFT with native resolution of 1440x900. The resolution is not supported by the 855GME driver Intel provides.

So I found this guide by archibael on how to create a custom driver using the Intel's embedded graphics drivers tool:

It worked very well, I am now using my monitor with its native resolution. But since I use this custom driver, I experience graphical glitches in Windows XP. For example when I hover the mouse pointer over a link in my browser, the mouse pointer shows pixels all around it. Or in my Windows Explorer, when I draw a selection box to select multiple files, the box turns black when it gets bigger.

Here are some screenshots of the glitches:

Did I do something wrong with the configuration when creating the custom driver? Any ideas?

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I'm very sure I remember the black boxes glitches while selecting items
(your first image) when using IEGD 8.0 on a 855GM chipset.

Doesn't look it will ever be fixed. And you know what? Intel just removed driver supported in the most recent IEGD 9.0 release:

Removed (no longer supported):
- Intel 855GME Chipset (Mobile), Intel 852GM Chipset (Mobile)
and Intel 852GME Chipset (Mobile) are no longer supported.

The best drivers for this chipset you'll get using Linux and the plain xf86-video-intel driver included in every distribution. Seriously.

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