find video card with transform and lightning support

find video card with transform and lightning support

I hope I'm in the right area. I need to install a driver update that has transform and lightning . According to the game site I was suppose to install from intelthe driver update 14.31. The site my chipkitis supported. For the life of me I can not locate it on the intel site. I'm not a heavy gamer, but I would like to get what I need to play the game. (Moorhuhn Kart 3, pretty light weight, I know:) The game site link tothe recommended page does not have 14.31. I have Mobile Intel 945GM/GMS/940GML Express Chipsets or Intel 945GT Express Chipset. Operating system is Windows XP Professional. Centrino Duo. Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks

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You were actually on the right track at If you go the graphics downloads for the laptop notebooks for the 945GM family, you can find the latest drivers.

I believe the latest drivers there are the 14.32.x version, which are better (or at least newer) than the 14.31 drivers the game recommended. These drivers were probably updated after the game site was last updated. At any rate, the later drivers "ought" to work for what you need.


Currently, only the Intel G45, G35, G965 & GM965 Express Chipsets support hardware Transform and Lighting (T&L).

I don't know where you got the info, but the hardware needs to also support hardware T&L/VS. The 14.31 drivers and newer supports it, but the hardware needs to meet it. You can't support something that's not there.

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