dell laptop running a 945gm in Intel Dual Display Clone

dell laptop running a 945gm in Intel Dual Display Clone

I've been trying to resolve an issue with a laptop plugged into a projector - when used together, they automatically switch down to a maximum of 1024x768. Given that the projector's native resolution is 1400x1050, and the laptop is set to better, I'm attempting to find a solution.

From reading, I know that:

In Dual Display Clone mode, the available display modes will be reduced to only those display modes supported by both monitors.
For example:
Suppose you have a laptop that contains the Mobile Intel 945GM Express
Chipset and has two displays: the internal flat panel display (also
referred to as Local Flat Panel or LFP) and an external widescreen flat
panel monitor that is connected to the laptop's VGA connector. If the
laptop's LFP only supports 800x600@60Hz and 1024x768@60Hz and the
external flat panel monitor only supports 800x600@60Hz, 1024x768@60Hz,
1152x864@60Hz, and 1440x900@60Hz, then the only display modes available
in Dual Display Clone mode will be 800x600@60Hz and 1024x768@60Hz.

I've read the the steps outlined by Archibael and in the wiki; presumably, I can set the drivers to support 1400x1050 for the laptop's screen and have them both display in that resolution. However, this seems like an incomplete solution. Is there another way that will allow me to configure both resolutions independently, rather than guarantee that one will look great, and the other look terrible?


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