Exposed Counters for Intel 965 (or better) graphic chips

Exposed Counters for Intel 965 (or better) graphic chips

Does Intel graphic chips expose any counters that can be picked up by permon or the like? I'm looking for something like NVIDIA's PerfHud for Intel Chip Sets. I am attempting to get UE3 working on the 965 chip sets, currently I can start our game but frame rate in < 5 fps. It would help to know if the problems are vertex or raster related, I'm looking for anything that can profile the graphics pipeline for me. I can always go back to the old school methods but they are time consuming.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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is this the 965 mobile chipset for laptops? cos i have one and has 356 video memory. but when i play games it suck! not really bad but im not satisfied. and i have a desktop that has 64mb video and when i play games there its better! what happnened!

Sorry for the long delay in response time. We agree that there is a broad need for the type of tool youre looking for. We are aware of a helpful software solution currently in development which should become available within a matter of weeks. We will keep you informed and appreciate your patience. If there are other development issues we can help you with in the meantime, please let us know.

This is not an end-user support forum. Starting off-topic discussions by complaining about performance inadequacies of Intel's 965 for your intended purpose and making comparisons with discrete graphics solutions won't help you or anyone else here for that matter -- it will just get in the way of those who might actually do something to improve things in the future.

Let me remind you that 965 is meant for casual gaming only, and surely it cannot match discrete graphics solutions.

If you bought it for "serious" gaming, then I am afraid you didn't do your homework very well. If on the other hand your buying decision was restricted by your budget, then there is that old saying "you get what you paid for". In other words, you can only blame yourself for any possible lack of satisfaction.

it happens the same for me.. i recently installed15.9 drivers for gma965. before installing the driver, vistawas rating it at 3.2. now my video card is rated at 3.1...

i checked online if "Need for Speed: Pro Street" from EA Games is compatible with my sistem, and the result was over the game's recommended system requirements. the specifications said the card's pixel shader version 4.0 and that its memory is over 230mb,so i bought it and when i tried to run it on my machine, it didnt even let me to see how the main menu looks like.

anyway, i hope there's still a chance. what do you recommend me to do. my computer came with a preinstalled windows vista home premuim x32.should i install a 64bit OS? should i install older drivers?

Can't you people read? This is not an end user support forum. This is a forum for developers only.

andrugushu, if your computer is a desktop and it has a free PCI-Express x16 slot I would recommend buying and installing an NVIDIA 9600 GT video card (or better if you can afford it). If your computer is a laptop, check if its video card can be upgraded.

I would also suggest giving up on Vista and installing Windows XP unless you already have at least 3 GB of RAM installed. On a side note, Vista rating is misleading it doesn't relate to how good your gaming experience will be.

Finally, don't you think you should have asked someone for an advice before you set off to purchase a computer?

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