Conflict between IGMA and Windows

Conflict between IGMA and Windows

Hello there, I have a problem with my laptop, it seems simple but infuriating to me.

I just bought this laptop (Acer Aspire 4315) yesterday and reinstalled XP, went on installing drivers with the Resource CD provided by Acer and decided to use the latest driver on the net as the driver on the cd does not seem to work.

After installing the IGMA software, windows cannot shut down properly, it hangs on the "Windows is shutting down..." screen and I have to shut it down manually. Same thing for sleep mode.

I have 965 Express chipset and X3100 Graphics Media Accelerator.

Tried workarounds but none succeeded.

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But it shuts down when you are in safe mode?

I just saw this post on the search engine as I was searching for the resolution of this problem.
I also have the same laptop with the same problem, and yes, I can shut down the pc in safe mode.

Please help me to solve it.

Thanks in advance

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