intel 965 15.6.1 full screen

intel 965 15.6.1 full screen


My problem is the following:

The notebook's screen is 15.4 with 1280x800 by default, after i have installed the newest 15.6.1 Vista driversany program which i want to use in any different resolution apart from 1280 x 800 doesn't want to appear in "full screen", basically it doesn't strech the lower resolutions to the whole screen!

This problem wasn't exist in the 15.6 drivers!

Any solution how can i force with the new drivers to show the lower resolutions in full screen also?

Thx in advance!

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Apparently, the driver also affect intel 945 too, i'm using 1280x800 desktop resolution for my laptop, but when i'm running any application that uses fullscreen resolution below 1280x800 - mainly D3D or OpenGL, the screen display become shrink into the application resolution (800x600, 640x480..etc it doesn't strech anymore), even the driver setting in the driver properties is set to full screen ( i try to toggle the aspect ratiotooff / on , but doesn't affect the application)

this only affect when i'm using 1280x800 desktop resolution, but when i change the desktop resolution below 1280x800 like 1280x720 or 1024x768 etc, the application runs normal, and it's in Fullscreen mode as it should be

i'm not having any problem using previous driver.

my laptop runing vista ultimate 32bit., 2 GB DDR2 667 mhz, intel core 2 duo T5500
but aside that, my windows vista aero experience increases from: 3.3 to 3.5 when i'm using this new driver.

please, repair the driver bug !


Similar problem, here.

My laptop has Windows Vista Home Premium (32 Bit), and was using the Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset. I decided to install the 15.6.1 driver because Quake III kept crashing, and I heard that updating the driver would fix it. (Actually, it did fix it, but now I have another problem.)

Long story short, none of my full-screen games are actually in full-screen anymore. The image doesn't stretch to the whole monitor, so I end up with a black border around the game. In fact, the same thing happens if I put my Windows desktop resolution anywhere below 1200x800... the desktop just shrinks, and there's a black box around it.

I guess you could say it's stuck on "Center Desktop" mode, even though I have "Full Screen (No Border)" selected. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-F11 while I'm playing a game does successfully put the game in full-screen, but then my graphics are all messed up when I quit the application, so I don't want to use that option.

Is there any solution for this? Or do we have to wait until Intel patches it?

Same problem here, ctrl+alt+f11 fixes it, but when i close the game my desktop have the same resolution of the game.
Playing old games like starcraft is a pain :S

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