RGB to YUV hardware blit on 945 GM

RGB to YUV hardware blit on 945 GM


I'm writing some software which makes use of the 945GM's hardware
blitting and overlay capabilities via DirectX. Unfortunately, I
encountered an error when attempting to blit from the primary RGB
surface to an offscreen YUV surface. The error indicated that the
operation was not supported.

I'm hoping that someone can provide
a definitive answer as to whether or not the 945GM chipset (w/ latest
drivers) supports hardware
blits between DirectDraw surfaces of different pixel formats (RGB and
YUV specifically). This is vital because I need to blit from the
RGB-formatted primary surface to the YUV-only overlay surface. A
software conversion is undesirable since this is going to be
happening 50-60 times per second.

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I just verified that that operation is not supported on 945GM.


Thanks for checking!

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