Anyone ever hear about Intel(R) Chipset 945GV Express Chipset Family ???

Anyone ever hear about Intel(R) Chipset 945GV Express Chipset Family ???

Please.... i can't find 945gv in this entire web, so i can't find the driver that match with it, too. i don't know anything about errata or anything like that, is this one of errata ?

my motherboard should have 945gz chipset, but when i scan it with intel chipset detection software, my chipset known as 945gv.

please help me.......where i can find a driver suitefor my chipset ?

and sorry for my bad english

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I am also looking for specific information about the 945GV chipset. The Intel chipset identification utility tells me I have a 945GV.

I am interesed in upgrading the cpu in one of my computers and need information on CPU compatibility and possible driver updates.

The link that was provided has information about related chipsets(945G, 945GC, 945GT, 945GZ. 945P, 945PL) but does not specifically list info about the "GV" version.

My system's Device Manger lists 2 devices that start with "Intel 945G/P". Does this indicate that the 945GV chipset is really the same as the 945GP?

Does the 945GV supportCore 2 Duo processors(the 945GP does)?

Any help would be appreciated.

Also check out this page:

It details all of the chipsets and what they support. As for Graphics Drivers,, the 945 series chipsets all use the same unified graphics driver. Get it here:

I got same problem here. I have Intel Chipset 945GV Express Chipset Family and the graphics controller is 945G/GZ. I bought this machine with Vista Home Basic. Apparently, I don't like vista so I wiped it off and installed XP SP2. I downloaded the chipset driver for 945G since I could not find something that matches to 945GV. The chipset driver worked perfectly. However, the driver for the 945G/GV graphics controller did not work although it matches the version. I installed it, I was asked to reboot.. so I did.. my computer booted up... Windows XP logo appeared... but when it tried to load my personal settings, an error popped up. Something like "Failed to initialize...." when I click on OK, it freeeezees..

Any fixes?

Hi all,

I use a KVM switch so that I can use my keyboard and monitor for both my desktop and laptop. I just purchased a new Hanns.G 22" widescreen monitor that supports 1680x1050 resolution though, and neither the laptop nor the desktop register anything but "default monitor" in the settings and neither PC has 1680x1050 as a resolution option.

Here's my monitor info from the desktop:

Hardware information........ n/a
Windows description......... Default Monitor

Display adapter
Adapter description......... Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
Adapter device ID........... 0x25628086
Display settings............ 1400x1050, 32bpp

User/computer information
Registered user name........User
Registered organization..... n/a
Network user name........... Owner
Network computer name....... YOUR-XHTR8HVC4P
Windows version ............ Windows XP
Windows build .............. 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
Installation date .......... 8/18/2004 12:00:00 PM

Any suggestions are appreciated.



I managed to squeeze a fix from emachines. now I dont know why they allowed the chipset to be named by GV Family, prolly to confuse anyone trying to get rid of vista (god it sucks big bouncy nutz) however you can fix this problem, i did personally but using this.


This is the full fiel you need. It is simply the coorresponding drivers for tyour particular motherboard. It fixes everything. It's friggin Emachines or whoever supplied your computer trying to coerce you into keeping vista, even when they know ti sucks. Honestly wtf sells a pc with vista and only 512 mb ram? Pfh. Jerk-Offs. Love Nev~

P.S. Ill try and get the link for that. Eveything works so much better now if I can only findout what PCI Device isn't laoding in device manager now LoL.

BTw, Some moron Pawned this EMachine P4 Dual Core 3.0 Ghz, 160gb, DVD Burner, beauty In novermber 2007, I just bought it form the pawn shop for 200 bucks even. Saves me from having to order my own and put together. Prolly gunna strip ti for part to put in a cool case i have laying around. best of luck.

Hopefully this thread has not been abandoned. I also have the Intel 945GV chipset in my computer which originally came with Vista, but I downgraded. I need to get an XP Driver for the network port, I am currently using a PCI NIC card, but only have 2 PCI slots. The other slot has my video card and I need the one the NIC is in.

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