How to get 24Hz refresh rate with a G33 chipset?

How to get 24Hz refresh rate with a G33 chipset?

I am beginning in DTD modification. I have just bought a G33 solution and I can't get 24Hz with the integrated graphic chipset (only 50Hz or 60Hz in the graphic panel). I don't know which value I would need to modify within theigxp32.inf file to make available this 24Hz refresh rate.

Here is my DTD string grabbed by moninfo on my Samsung TV:
Raw EDID base
00: 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 4C 2D 9F 02 00 00 00 00
10: 2D 10 01 03 80 10 09 78 0A AE A5 A6 54 4C 99 26
20: 14 50 54 A1 08 00 81 80 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
30: 01 01 01 01 01 01 02 3A 80 18 71 38 2D 40 58 2C
40: 45 00 A0 5A 00 00 00 1E 01 1D 00 72 51 D0 1E 20
50: 6E 28 55 00 A0 5A 00 00 00 1E 00 00 00 FC 00 53
60: 41 4D 53 55 4E 47 0A 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FD
70: 00 31 47 0F 46 17 00 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 01 9B

Below are the DTD lines in my registrywhich, I suppose,should correspond to 1920x1080 @50Hz and 60Hz:
01 1D 80 18 71 1C 16 20 58 2C 1A 00 00 00 00 00 00 86 37 01
01 1D 80 D0 72 1C 16 20 10 2C 1A 80 00 00 00 00 00 86 37 01

I precise my TV is able to receive 24Hz (I did it with an ATI card). My computer is linked with my TV with a DVI to HDMI cable.

Can someone help me please?

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Don't know what your Samsung really wants for 24p but the generic DTD for 24p would be

01 1D 80 40 73 38 2D 40 80 30 45 80 00 00 00 00 00 1E 37 01

My attempts at getting this working with the Intel drivers gives me "24Hz (interlaced)"; this may just be a labelling issue and still be putting out the right refresh, or it may actually be sending the wrong image. Give it a shot.

Thank you so much, it works like a charm! No more judder on my Blue-Ray discs!

Does it exist somewhere some explanations about doing such generic DTD, in the case I need toadd new refresh rates? In fact, a last question: the perfect refresh rate I would have to produce would be 23.97Hz. Is there any difference with the DTD string you gave me?

Good! Glad to hear it's just a labelling issue!!!

I cheated and went to Custom Resolutions in Powerstrip, chose the one for 1080p24, copied the details to my clipboard, and converted to DTD.:)

I believe it's already 23.97 or thereabouts, because the Powerstrip rez is documented as CEA and CEA resolutions usually use the fractional (non-whole number) refresh. When I do a quick back-of-the envelope calculation, I get 23.98 or thereabouts.

OK, I understand. I willthen never need to modify this one.

However, for my knowledge, I would have been curious to know how youtransformed the PowerStrip string in this DTD...

Anyway, you saved my life! I was struggling since many days, trying to get ou 24p. I even tried with PowerStrip as you did. However, any change I made with this tool, produced an "out of signal" on my Samsung... very weird.

Yeah, I just use Powerstrip as a convenient source of Modelines and as a good way of inventing custom resolutions to reduce overscan. I NEVER use it to actually modify the timings or create a custom driver; I've never once got it to work on Intel chipsets.

Which G33 board do you have, and what Blu-ray solution are you running? We've got a bunch of folks on the AVS Forum who've been unsuccessful at getting it working on G33 and would love to know how you did. :)

I've got a Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2H board (with HDMI and DVI output). I read my blu-ray discswith PowerDVD Ultra and AnyDVD HD. Nothing special to mention, it works!Am-I lucky? ;-)

Hi pinky2000,

Sorry to butt in on your thread. I've been having serious problems getting the GA-G33M-S2H board to play back Blu-Ray using PowerDVD.

Archibael suggested I contact you for some information about your setup.

Would you mind letting me know what build of display drivers and PowerDVD Ultra you are using? It would be extremely helpful.

I've be using driver release and PowerDVD Ultra 7.3 with the CyberLink.3104_R1_EVR_Logo_DVD070614-02.exe patch applied.

The system also includes an E6600 CPU and 2GB DDR2 RAM.

Any information you can give would be very much appreciate. I've been in contact with Intel, Cyberlink & Gigabyte but you wouldn't believe some of the answers I'm getting.

Many thanks,



I am using the lastdrivers from Intel. I am running Windows XP. Are you running Vista?

Regarding PowerDVD, I use the one provided with my LG Blu-ray reader (version 2911).

I can't really tell you more as it worked immediately... Whar error do you get?

Bizarre... Intelgraphics aren'tsupposed to work with Blu-ray in XP... though I doubt you'll hear anyone complaining.

Hmmm...I wonder if PowerDVD 6.5 got bundled in. That worked with anything (alongside AnyDVDHD).

Hi Pinky2000,

Thanks for the reply. Yep, I'm on Vista (Home Premium 32-bit). This is most bizarre.

As for symptoms, when I start playback the screen flashes on and off continually. I here sound but no video. If I leave it attempting to play I eventually get a BSOD. If I can get at the "stop" button I get a taskbar message saying that the Display Driver has stopped responding and recovered. In fact I get lots of them (click the cross and another pops up).

With Archibael's help we tried just about everything now. It's beginning to sound more and more like a PowerDVD issue but I just can't be sure. Doing a quick Google of "powerDVD 2911" I get hits for both 7.0 and 7.3. I'll do some more searching and see if I can confirm it.

Thanks again for the information. Much appreciated.



3 Questions guys?

I know nothing about the .inf file you guys are on about or DTD so sorry for sounding silly.

1st is what resolutions do the G33 support is an updated Blu-Ray compatible driver coming soon? and what should I do in the mean time would an ATI X2600XT sort this out? I think I am going down that path at the moment.

2nd how did you go, get it sorted? and third where canI get more info on all this stuff and overscn and Blu-Ray playing on G33? I am running same board as pinky2000.

Thanks in Advance.

The .inf and DTD are as described in

(or in the older, prettier site

As for Blu-ray on G33, it works, albeit it's a strugglesince PowerDVD Ultra appears to be buggy on Intel graphics right now:

As for overscan, there's a utility coming in a day or so which should improve the user experience for this on Intel chipsets. I'll announce on this board when it happens.

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