blurry text on ext. lcd, def. driver prob, text is good with win. default drivers

blurry text on ext. lcd, def. driver prob, text is good with win. default drivers

Hello, I'm glad I found this place. I just re-installed windows, and discovered that the windows default drivers give me a much better image on my 1680x1050 "Metro" (brand name) screen than the intel gma 950 drivers do. I have an r60e thinkpad, model 0659 h9u, with the intel 945gm chipset. I've tried changing all the settings I can find after installing the intel drivers, and of course syncing my monitor etc., and this is definitely something to do with the software, presumably some neglected register somewhere. The phase timing on the signal coming from the analog connector is one half clock out of phase with the monitor or something.

If I uninstall the drivers and reboot, then the image is clear again. If I right-click on the desktop, select properties, and change any setting then apply, the image goes blurry again, then it does not go back when I reverse the change, or if I just wait the 15 seconds so windows reverts to the previous settings.
I would use the windows default drivers, but I cannot get my laptop's built-in dispay working with it as an extended desktop.

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Never mind, I've got it worked out. I copied the appropriate DTD to the right places is the registry.

Dear friend,

Can you please send me details what exactly you did with registry ?

I have exactly same problem.

Thank you

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