Forcing AA / AF on GMA950

Forcing AA / AF on GMA950

Is there any possibility to force AA/AF on GMA950? At least anisotropic Filtering is supported up to 4x - with AA im not sure if the chip supports it all. Especially anisotropic Filtering would be quite uesfull for older Games, IMHO. With the Control Panel there seems to be no way to force these options. Are there some tools or registry-keys that can help in this case?

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If you mean multisample AA, we won't support that until 2009. 965 doesn't support it.

Thanks a lot. Yes, i meant MSAA. And what about AF? Any possibility to force it? The chip supports it, up to 4x (checked with D3D AF-Tester). Would be great to use it in older games, which dont offer this feature.

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