Its August! when is new drivers?

Its August! when is new drivers?

I read 2 months ago that Intel is releasing graphics drivers for x3000? i bet all those users are so impatient!

anyway when are they going to release the new drivers??

i hope that gma950! has more features and performance boost or something atleast

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It's only a day and a half into August. I'd give 'em a couple weeks. I hear they're on track, but who knows? "August" might mean August 31.

LOL u still believe ANY intel graphics is capable in playing games?? theyre not!

go get a mid range graphics from ati or nvidia, its like 100$

Well I believe this chipset is capable of many things, of which we can do very little because of bad driver support. Theres not many IGP's that you of which you can say you played with SM 3.0 ON or HDR lighting but in this chipset I have done that. The mainproblem with drivers from Intel is still in the compatibility and the constant graphic bugs and crashes on some games and unsupported resolutions either on the latest betaor any other previous drivers. But hey if you dont believe games are playable on x3000 well I am currently playing Halo 2 on vista, and Need for Speed Carbon, only needed to tune up my video options before playing. The only reason Im not buying a graphics card just yet is because I think this is the worst time to get a graphics card since there are no Directx 10 titles out and no accurate performance benchmarks on currently available GPUs, and by that I mean gaming performance and not 3dmark points. Im waiting for reviews on all those Directx 10 titles that are coming out this year (mainly Crysis, World in Conflict, and Assassins Creed)and benchmarks of them on mid and high end GPUs, and only then I will think of buying a new graphics card, until then x3000.
But I never thought I would have to wait so much time for a driver.

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