How about a big thanks to Archibael...and all the Contributors.

How about a big thanks to Archibael...and all the Contributors.


Thank you again for all your help you're providing to all us newbee's. I'm sure many of us would have just given up and settled with black bars, and over-scan if it wasn't for you.

Companies like Intel, Microsoft, ATI, Sony,etc, need more people like you!

Who would'nt want you on their team!

Thanks again from all of us!


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Thanks for the kind words. I'm just here because I like to see people get the most out of their hardware, even when the software is not cooperating. I am glad to see that mostly, it's been a success (and my apologies to the three or four people so far who've not been able to get this stuff to work... I wish I was hooked into the chipset team at Intel and could help out further, but I'm really just an amateur with decent troubleshooting skills and a secret decoder ring for DTDs. :)

Add my thanks to the long list! What a positive person you are - I suspect the folks who know you in 'real-time' count you as a great guy to be around!

Hi Archibael -

I'm trying to get 1680x1050 resolution working on my viewsonic vx2025wm. Graphics chipset is 915GM (on dell xps m140). I'm also using an iogear kvm which is mandatory (I use both PC and mac and need to switch quickly between them). I made the changes to the .inf file:

HKR,, TotalDTDCount, %REG_DWORD%, 1 ; This shows number of DTDs to be used. ; 0-->Disable the feature.
;Following keys have 20 bytes (18 byte DTD + 2 Byte flags).
HKR,, DTD_1,%REG_BINARY%, 21,39,90,30,62,1A,27,40,68,B0,36,00,B1,0F,11,00,00,1C,37,01 ;1680x1050@60...Interlaced
HKR,, DTD_2, %REG_BINARY%, 01,1D,80,D0,72,1C,16,20,10,2C,1A,80,00,00,00,00,00,86,37, 01 ;1920x1080@50...Interlaced
HKR,, DTD_3,%REG_BINARY%, 01,1D,00,BC,52,D0,1E,20,B8,28,25,40,00,00,00,00,00,04,37, 01 ;1280x720@50....Non-interlaced
HKR,, DTD_4, %REG_BINARY%, 01,1D,00,72,51,D0,1E,20,6E,28,25,00,00,00,00,00,00,06,37,01 ;1280x720@60....Non-interlaced
HKR,, DTD_5,%REG_BINARY%, 00, 00, 00 ,00, 00, 00,00, 00, 00,00, 00, 00,00, 00, 00,00, 00, 00,00, 00 ;Fifth DTD

But still can't get this to stick. Any help would be appreciated. Also, would you consider a (paid) phone consultation.


Would never accept money for this stuff.

Check the registry... Open it and do an F3, searching for "DTD". Make sure your settings got into the registry-- there have been some cases where the .inf file install method didn't "take" and manual hacking of the registry was required. Further, make sure they got into all the copies of DTD entries in the registry. There are like twelve copies in there.

Reboot the machine once you're sure they're in the registry. It might help to do this with the monitor attached directly for now, then switch to the KVM method once the resolution actually has shown up in the list of allowables, but you shouldn't have to: the DTD method should allow it to show up regardless. For example, I can set my G965 to 1920x1080p24 even though my monitor cannot display it, and I can still select the resolution and VNC in at that rez, even though my monitor shows a black screen because it won't accept the rez.

Are you on a laptop? Some evil BIOSes refuse specific resolutions and sad to say 1680x1050 is often among them for some odd reason. Try changing TotalDTDCount to 2 instead of 1 and making DTD_2 =


This will enable 1672x1050, which the BIOS will not refuse.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You provided in one email (and your wiki) what countless others failed to do in many, many hours. My monitor is now displaying the output of my laptop using its native resolution of 1680x1050. Thankfully, it doesn't look like the resolution was refused by the BIOS so I didn't have to add the second DTD. You are awesome!

thanks -

Glad it worked. :)

ya Achibael has been a big help to all of us in answering all our queries and also gave us good support.
Big Thanks to Achibael once again.
but i do have one more question unanswered
Will AGP Texture acceleration be enabled for GMA X3000???

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