Problem intel GMA950 (Intel 82945GC chipset)

Problem intel GMA950 (Intel 82945GC chipset)


Sorry, I am Vietnamese.

I have ASUS mainboard with Intel 82945GC chipset (Graphics Intel GMA950 express chipset) and ASUS mainboard Intel 82915 chipset (Graphics Intel GMA900 express chipset). I play game free online ( on OS windows XP service pack 2 full update in the microsoft site, but with Intel 82915 chipset is OK (show full picture), and with Intel 82945GC chipset is error??.

I Get the latest graphics driver for Windows* XP - version PV14.29, but my commputer cannot show full picture as commputer with Intel 82915 chipset.

Please help me.


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I'm not sure I understand you, but I am certain your English is way better than my Vietnamese. I know how to order lemongrass chicken from the local VN restaurant, but that's about it. :)

Anyway, it sounds like you have a monitor you used to get a good resolution on a previous computer, and on the new computer it's not working properly. What brand and model is the monitor? What resolution did you get on the old computer and therefore want on the new?

Can you run MonInfo on the old computer and report back what it says?

If it's a problem only with a specific game, I probably can't help you; if it's a general display issue it's likely we'll be able to fix your problem.

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