1680x1050 resolution on 945GM/GU Express Chipset

1680x1050 resolution on 945GM/GU Express Chipset

I have a Dell XPS M1210 with 945GM/GU express chipset running Windows Vista. Im trying to get my external LCD widescreen monitor, Viewsonic VX2035wm, to use 1680x1050 resolution without success cant seem to go beyond 1024x768 resolution on that.

I tried modifying the igdlh.inf based on the DTD that was provided in a thread I saw on VX2235 monitor with G965. But that did not work.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated!

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That should work, but a lot of people are finding that they have to modify the registry directly. Run "regedit", use Find, and look for "DTD". You should come across the variables that the .INF is supposed to populate; just populate them manually and you should get the same effect (I don't have Vista on my machine, so I don't know if you'll have to reboot, but I suspect you will). Be careful to modify all entries (there are dublicates scattered throughout the registry)-- keep Find-ing until you get to the end of the registry.

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