Inf-editing help needed: Resolution of 1680x1050 with a 945GM

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sorry lan problem / double post

Great archibael .... :(

Is it possible to download somewhere some old drivers to solve the problem ?

Now I use 158bb drivers.

Thanks a lot.

I think the ASUS website has 15.6.1. Intel used to keep a set of older drivers around if you wanted to go backward, but they seem to have ended the practice.

I hope this can help someone.

I solve my wa a really a stupid problem.
It was the cable.
This, is the pins disposition in my new cable...

| O O O O O |
| O O O O O |
| O O O O O |

This is the pins dispostion in my last cable...

| O O O O O |
| O O X O O |
| O O O O O |

the X pin was missing both side, but the cable was not broken or damaged, it has been made in that way.
I checked in the shop, where i buyed it, and a lot of VGA cables are like it.
Now I can use 1680*1050 and the video card recognize the monitor and all its proprieties.

Maybe some one has the same problem....

archibael and others

The solution you provided here really solve my problem (I have a Dell Latitude D630, Intel GM965 card and ViewSonic VX2035wm LCD.

I first used regedit method and changed DTD_1 and DTD_2 and the totalDTDCount number to 5. However, it does not work. I later went into the driver's INF file, in my case, the file is in C:DellDriversR181739Graphicskit12928.inf (I guess the number changes according to each vendor's agreement with the company - I have a company-provided laptop). Then I re-executed the driver exe file, and the magic has finally arrived!

Thanks so much for all who contribute information here. I found themvery helpful!


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