Dont know what else to try 945GM/GU GMA 950 External Monitor Res

Dont know what else to try 945GM/GU GMA 950 External Monitor Res

Setup :-

Philips laptop X59 (Rebadged Twinhead N12PY)

Running Vista Home Premium 32bit

Latest chipset/graphics drivers from the intel site

Internal LCD Native Res 1280x800 detected as Generic PnP Monitor

External Acer LCD TV AL2671W Native Res 1280x768 detected as Generic Non PnP Monitor connected VGA->VGA. This monitor does not return any EDID info, never has even when connected to my other PCs All XP and all can drive it at 1280x768 (ATI Cards)

I have tried everything to get the External TV LCD to display something other than 800x600 or 1024x768 when connected to the laptop.

Could not find any Modlines for this monitor online so I have triedabout 15 different generic Modlines (converted to DTDs) and another 10 or so ones I found for other Acer displays. and also modified them from 1280x768 to 1272x768 and 1272x760 to try and get around any BIOS restrictions that may be in place.

After installing the drivers I have checked the registry and they are all there (in multiple places)

However the resulution still isnt showing in either the Vista Display settings, or in the Intel Driver Settings.

The "Hide modes this monitor can display" is greyed out and not checked.

I really dont know where to go from here, I have even tried to add Static Modes in the registry but then Vista complains and runs using the Standard VGA Adapter driver and wont display anything on the external monitor (LCD TV)

Could it be the VBIOSis configured to only allow 800x600 and 1024x768 on the external monitor.

Anyone have any ideas?




One more thing in the display settings when i click the external monitor it describes it as "(multiple monitors) on ...." but when i click the internal monitor it shows correctly as "Generic PnP Monitor on...."

It shows it like this no matter what type of setup I select, single monitor, clone, or extended desktop.

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Which DTDs are you using?

Have you tried making the external monitor the primary monitor, and then deactivating the laptop monitor screen? It could be that the driver is refusing some modes because they can't be used for both (doesn't make sense that would happen, but it's possible).

Sounds like you've tried everything else; one other thing you might want to try is

setup.exe -res 1280x768x32x60

If you have a DTD set up in the .INF for 1280x768 on install, this might activate it (some people have had success with this. Worth a try, in any case.

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