Switching between 1 and 2 monitors...

Switching between 1 and 2 monitors...

I have a Fujitsu Siemens S7110, with an integrated Intel 945GM chipset, and "GMA 950" graphics.

WhenI connect the computer to the docking station, and set it up to run with extended desktop, it works fine. However, if I for example take the computer from the docking station, use it somewhere else (with only the laptop monitor), and then connect it again and start up again, windows will only see the laptop montiro, andI have to set it up again to run with 2 monitors and extended desktop.

Shouldn't it be able to see if there are 2 monitors, and if there are, use both? Do I have to manually tell it to use 2 monitors?

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I have experienced similar behavior on my GMA 950 laptop.

I have a 19" CRT as a secondary monitor with extended desktop. If I put the computer to sleep, it forgets all the settings on the second monitor. I use 1280x1024/100hz on the secondary monitor. When the computer comes up from sleep the resolution is 800x600/60hz. This means I need to manually set the resolution every time the laptop comes up from sleep. It does the same when I shutdown the whole thing and start it up again. It would be nice to know if there is a fix to this problem.

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