software force HW Transform & Lighting on GMA950

software force HW Transform & Lighting on GMA950

Is their any way to force HW Transform & Lighting on gma950?

i know intel graphics cards are weak but i know that its possible to force shader pixel 3.0 on shader pixel 2.0 via TnL. i seen it through tomb raider legend next gen.

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That thread is about the 965 series, not the GMA950/945GM.

Sorry if I wasn't that clear, but I meant to say that it works for ALL graphics cards/chips/etc. I wrote that it's for 965 series users, because Ihave theg965, and also because it was supposed to be a subsititute for the new beta drivers until they came out. The beta drivers are only for select chipsets. This 3rd party program works for ALL chipsets, so it works for the GMA950/945GM.

thanks:) alot! but since windows vista has soo much it wont let 3d analyze right force.dll in any folder, i find a way:)

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